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Thursday, January 18, 2007



So, if I have this correctly, the GNP does not oppose the Gaeseong/Kaesong enterprise and it is not opposed to including Gaeseong in the FTA, right?

If the Americans suddenly wanted to include Gaeseong products in the FTA, would the GNP cry foul?

Methinks not, and so to me this look more like a difference of opinion between the left and the GNP over the FTA with USA than about NK.

Andy (The Yangban)

Unless the Korean left (I hope a new left party forms soon so I can stop using that term) truly wants Gaeseong as a poison pill to kill the FTA, I think this does expose a difference of opinion on the importance of such developement plans with NK.

The left think that making the Gaeseong IC ecomically viable is important while the right just does't care about it.


I agree it's a matter of how important each side thinks things are. I just think it's wishful thinking to believe the GNP and "the progressives" differ all that very much on NK in general and, if I may so rudely suggest, the fact that you're looking for differences here suggests, imho, that the differences are hard to find. The GNP is not opposed to anything the gov't is doing, at least never opposed because any lofty principles.

If the GNP cared about human/worker rights, justice, democracy, etc in Gaeseong it would oppose doing business there in the first place. I doesn't - never really did - so it never says much bad about Gaeseong. So the greater "difference" in my opinion is about the FTA. LIke you say, it's possible some of those nationalist progressives want to use Gaeseong to derail the trade pact.

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