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Friday, December 15, 2006



Yeah, I shoulda kept my cool on the Dokdo thing....but it's kind of hard to respond to folks who are name-dropping me on other blogs and who make a martyr out of people (like Mr. GB) who get themselves fired for talking sh*t about their hosts time and time again.

BTW, Andy, you and I have a great deal in common. We're both from NC, live in northern VA, and love Korean women. That aside, while you may agree with me when I say Carolina sucks but Duke swallows, we may disagree on a lot of stuff. :) And while I am not a bleeding heart liberal and am actually uneasy with people like Pelosi, I am very much against the hard right Republicans like Bush and Cheney, who I think are doing a great disservice to America.

Anyway, nice to meet someone from God's country (North Carolina). Sorry to talk about non-Korea stuff. Just was happy to bump into a fellow North Carolinian.


Hi JK,

I live in Korea right now. I just visit DC whenever I go to the States (like I will next month).

Having grown up near Raleigh, I am natuarlly a State fan (although I am most loyal to my undergrad school, like most folks are).

As for politics, as you may have guess I am a pretty conservative guy. I don't agree with Bush on everything (nobody ever agrees with a president on everything) I voted for him twice and think that he will make a Truman-like recovery as we look back on his administration in the decades ahead.

Anyway, nice to see you comment without the Dokdo context.

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