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Wednesday, June 07, 2006



It is very sad that whenever I see a photo of North Korean 'famine' it is always in black and white just like the ones you posted here for dramatic effects.

I wished that if the famine is truly happening to please refrain from 'packaging' this information for dramatic effects.

'Packaging' information is what advertisers, PR firms and government propaganda departments do.

Show it out in raw form. I'm sorry but whenever I read things, I am very critical and ask a lot of questions. When I see a thing like that with black and white photos and dramatic music in the background, I almost immedietely write it off as propaganda. The style of packaging however well intentioned discredits itself.

Big Hominid

Mahathir_fan, our resident Holocaust denier, is once again worried about style, not content.

Is there a such thing as an "undramatic" protest? Or maybe MF would prefer people to whisper about North Korea's problems instead. Yeah-- good strategy! Let's all play nice, be patient, and ignore the mountains of objective evidence that NK is fucked.

News flash: everyone "packages" information. It's the only way to make one's message coherent. You can't present a chaotic jumble of sounds and images to your audience and then miscall it "objective presentation of facts." Or maybe that's how things work in MF's home country...?

The basic issue for folks like MF is that they remain largely unconvinced that there's any problem in North Korea. That, or they believe that whatever problems there are in NK are not nearly as severe as they're being made out to be.

To adopt such a stance in the case of North Korea requires an amazing insensitivity to the thousands of testimonials from NK refugees, most of whom independently confirm how hellish life can be in the North. Mahathir_fan might respond with the classic canard, "But many refugees exaggerate the situation," which is a nonsense claim on several levels.

First: if one argues that "refugees exaggerate," then one is at least admitting the existence of thousands of refugees. This begs the question of why there are so many such refugees.

Second: one has to wonder how it is the refugees say such similar things. Is there a super-secret Refugee Network in North Korea, by which refugees "get their story straight" before fleeing the country? Come on, MF! Let's hear a conspiracy theory!

Third: I wonder what MF thinks of that nighttime satellite image of a pitch-dark North Korea and sun-bright South Korea. I guess the North Korean citizens simply prefer darkness to electric lighting, right? It's a lifestyle choice, not a country-wide crisis! This is probably the most damning evidence of how poor, backward, and screwed North Korea is.

Note that, in the satellite photo, only Pyongyang shows significant illumination. That's confirmation of NK's notion of a command economy: goods for the ruling elite, and nothing for anyone else.

And what does MF think of Kang Chol Hwan's The Aquariums of Pyongyang? A fake, right? A long list of unverifiable exaggerations and slander against the all-benevolent NK government, yes?

What's the best way to get the message out about the problems in NK, Mahathir_fan? Who needs to hear this message? Do you think there even is a problem?

why am I wasting my time...?

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