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Friday, May 12, 2006



This really upsets me as an American to see this kind of backlash from Koreans given the base relocation.

If Americans had NOT given their lives to defend the Korean peninsula, South Koreans would have been living under a Russian-Chinese communist regime for the last 50 years. This makes me SICK, and a real slap in the face to my relatives that gave their lives to defend Korea! The NEW American military base is a freakin mud pit for God's sake.

Screw this, let's pull out of Korea and let it fall to communism. We ought to boycott their products, and ban their imports too. You'd think that after TWO COLONIZATION attempts by Japan, the Korean's memory would be a bit better than it is apparently... maybe there needs to be more footage of North Korean life living under a communist regime to OPEN THEIR EYES.

These protesters, are mostly university students according to reports, it pains me to think this is the best Korea can produce for its future leadership. At least I can NOW CLEARLY UNDERSTAND why Koreans don't even want to live in Korea.


Remort -
There's more to the story. Most of the protestors aren't just student protestors, but students who support North Korea and some union workers.
There is stories going around that, that these protesting groups even hired people to join the protest. Whether that's fiction or not, who knows. But this protest isn't seen too positively by the general public.


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