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Thursday, May 18, 2006



If you or someone in the group can take a camcorder and tripod to the lectures ---

I'll make video edits and webpages like I did for the Seoul NKHR conference in December.

And I'll hand them over to these groups to host on their servers they have with their websites


I'll host the videos on my server and they can simply put up the webpages which will have a backdoor link to the videos via an embedded video player.


I sent an email to the group just now.

Since December and the conference, I've emailed a number of the groups in Korea and the US that are doing this work.

I've gotten a couple of acknowledgment replies, but so far, none of the groups have either taken me up on the offers to edit videos (and create pages for them) (and house the videos on my own server) ----

----or from what I can tell, started looking into doing short videos for their sites....

I hope more than just one or two of these sites will get into multi-media before the end of this year.....

....I think it has such a high potential to reach people who do not know about NK already and won't take the time to read about it (I'd figure 90% of the people who aren't already interested in the topic) but who would take the time to watch a short video about "refugees" "famine" or stuff related even remotely to Kim Jong Il and the weird state he dictates to.


Do you have a link to your NK human rights page? I could only find your anti-American page.



I usually include a link to the Seoul Conference main page as an example of what kinds of things I have in mind:

I can guess that some people in these groups might not want to have things they do with NK human rights associated with the kind of site I have with the anti-US / USFK stuff.

If they need someone to work on the videos, I'll do it and give it back to them to use just on their site.

And if they don't have space or bandwidth on a server to use video, I can store it on my server ----- and they can put up the webpage for the video embed on their site ---- and their will be no noticable connection to my stuff. The only connection will be the url link to the video in the html to make the embed player play....

I do have a NK page, but I don't do much with it, because I don't have the time and drive to keep up with it as other sites doing the same thing have.



Here is the conference page

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