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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Does America have even one big name player? And didn't they play second fiddle to Mexico in the qualifying rounds?

I stand by my completely ignorant yet fearless prediction that the US will not make it out of the first round. Korea won't either.

I also fearlessly predict that one of the above predictions will be wrong (thus ensuring that I will have at least one correct prediction).

soccer fanzee

we made it to the quarterfinals last time. why is the semis this time so far-fetched? Not saying it's a lock to happen by any means but it's certainly not any pipe dream.


Yeah, if we get to play the Mexicans again.


Hey this is Robert a fellow korean and I think that the korean team has a very good shot at winning this thing, unfotunately i dont have any fight songs with me for this occasion. So it would be great if someone could send me a "virus free" fight song for Dehanmingook.....and GO REDS!!!

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