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Friday, April 07, 2006


GI Korea


I did what I could to do justice to this "news" article on my site.

Maybe the Party Pooper will get ahold of it as well.


I think the title for this post should be: Typical product of Western higher education: Exhibit A....

I'm so happy I no longer have to listen to that kind of stuff anymore.

peter utrecht

Hi ya ,

Thanks for you kind words about my piece America Quo Vadis.It's refreshing to see that some debate was sparked ... and I am glad you find it all so hilarious.. I wonder if your National Guard buddies stationed in Iraq are laughing as much as you are or those who just came back from Iraq minus a leg or an arm or two ... maybe you're laughing because the war was also a joke.... no WMD , no "new Iraq" yet that is.. ..just one big chaotic hell hole ha, and no exit in sight ha ha, right...but what a joke and guess who fell for this hoax to go to war ? Just a few points to clear up: you say that military enrollment is up ? Where did you get these figures ? can you tell me the source? it on campuses ... because news reports say the opposite...just who is enrolling then to be sent off to Iraq or elsewhere in the ME it Mexicans hard pressed for work or who can't pay their college tuition for instance or others of non-European extraction who are lucky to head for the front... buy the way do you know who is paying for the 250 billion and counting Iraq war? Those red commie Chinese who own debt- ridden America and make everything single thing you guys buy at Wal Mart ( whose proxy state NK you're supposed to keep in line over there in SK..) the day they stop buying U.S treasury bonds that finance your deficit and which funds the war costs .. the party will be over buy please this time don't blame the Canadians..blame the Chinese instead ..too bad eh?



Welcome PU,

I see that you write comments as lucidly as you write articles. Pleae note that I refered to your article as a joke, not the war itself. 

The US military met or exceeded its recruiting goals for the past ten months.  Here are the raw numbers for March.  So far I've had one buddy serve in Iraq (Army reserves) and another in Afghanistan (Alabama National Guard).  My brother just joined the reserves and might get shipped out once he finishes training.   Among those three there is one college graduate, one high school graduate and one who did not finish high school.

Here are the numbers for military service and combat deaths by race:

African American military personnel, representing approximately 17 percent of the overall force, have suffered 11 percent of those killed in Iraq (through last November). White Americans, comprising 67 percent of the overall force, have suffered 74 percent of all deaths. And Hispanic Americans, comprising nine percent of the overall force, have suffered 11 percent of all deaths. The high percentages of white and Hispanic casualties stems from the fact that both groups, for whatever reasons, overwhelmingly join front line combat infantry and special operations forces.

Compare that to the general population of the United States (Wikipedia alert), which is roughly 69% non-Hispanic white (most Hispanics are white), 14% Hispanic and 13% black.  Hispanics actually serve at a rate less than whites or blacks.

As for the Chinese, everything you say about them was said about the Japanese 20 years ago.  I agree with your implied argument that we need to reduce the budget and trade deficit but the Chinese are not going to stop investing the the States anytime soon, if for no other reason than the fact that the US is the great teat from which they suckle.

Peter U.

Tnanks Andy for your clarifications and I'm glad that you guys appreciate my sense of humour. The stats you provide seem to say the overall the force in Iraq is made up of "white" recruits ..and also suffer the highest death toll as well...but in terms of their overall population in the US (about 22 million) are the hispanics not over- represented in the recruitment numbers? It seems that they are... about China ..they own U.S debt ( China is America's biggest lender -creditor )they are paying in part for the foreign wars the US fights. How long is this sustainable do you think? .. what if China decides to stop buying U.S debt and financing the U.S deficit and the war ..and let's say those clever buggers invest in another reserve currency i.e the EURO which is worth more than the USD to buy their oil....opps I used the O-word ..sorry.. The Red Dragon is just as thirsty and Uncle Sam for the black gold ... Let's see them take on each other for the last few barrels left in central Asia and the ME... then it's really going to get interesting.

Cheers to u all over there!

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