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Saturday, April 01, 2006



Vive la difference

(Not that I wish to be pedantic, although I admit there might be some unhealthy pleasure to be gained from it)

By the way, has anyone noticed that 29% of Argentines neither like nor dislike the free market but have some other idea. Maybe we should ask them what it is.


Do you believe 70% for Korea?


Do you believe 70% for Korea?

Yes. I don't take the word of the left-leaning, agenda-driven members of the Korean media who try to represent the chinbo-progressive groups as mainstream representatives, or rants of the loudest person in the room (who is usually sympathetic to their viewpoint), as gospel.


More "free" the market becomes, the rich will get more richer (and more imperialistic).

Remember all those riots against WTO?


Free Enterprise/Free Markets are *not* a zero sum game. Yes, the rich tend to get richer, on average, but the general standard of living rises, and many opportunities are created for others to create wealth.

It is only in controlled economies where a smal groups amasses all the wealth, with no opportunites for others. Typically, a great deal of that wealth is concentrated in the hands of the political elite of those nations, and/or their patrons.

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