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Monday, April 24, 2006



Why not have a "general lesson for the class" about how to sit? That way no one is felt like they are singled out.

However, your view from then on will be less spectacular - so it's your choice.

Personally I'd say nothing. ;)


give these girls some credit, they know exactly what they are doing and the effect on you. kick back, enjoy the view, just don't be too obvious about it. however, if you point it out to them, they'll be wearing burkhas next class.


This is crucial information that the blogosphere needs to hear. ;-) I hope you get your template fixed. I clicked on a category and then I could see the middle column but on the main website I just got a lot of empty space, though maybe it was way at the bottom...

Also your wife is way better looking than you, to quote Tom Petty or was it Dirty Harry, "You got lucky punk." :-D

Cheers from Canada

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