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Thursday, March 23, 2006



I sorta think you might have read a little too much into my post.

But then I wouldn't expect anything less from a fascist like you...



chung min young

this is kind of discriminating to korea
my country would never do such things
please understand i got offended by this but
korea would not want to occupy iran
as personally as a korean i favour iran but do not feel i am better than iranians
most koreans aren't buddhist they are christians so they dont go to hell


1950 korea war Turkish army :)


that picture with the men kneeling is not a buddhist act but a muslim act of faith. Why? theres a rug there. They are praying to mecca and buddhists dont wear those hat thingys.
just thought i would enlighten.
korea loves u too. =)

Andy (The Yangban)

Hi Jyun,

I assume you realize that this post was one of my weak attempts at humor. Having the caption say the exact opposite of what the picture shows was supposed to be witty irony in action.

I guess I need to work on my technique. I will try harder next time.


ha! yea you do make it sound like your one of them commy SOB's using the words imperialist and warmongers and all that. i like the part about the women and ethnic breeding of warriors. but i can see how someone can take that the wrong way.

P.S. SK rules!!!!!!

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