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Thursday, March 09, 2006



Great story; thanks for the link. My uncles were with the First Marines and participated in the Changjin (Chosin) Reservoir campaign. My only quibble with the article is in its description of the "Hungnam pullout" as one of "the epic military undertakings of the war" that "helped Allied forces regroup for a counter-offensive" in the Spring of 1951. The Hungnam evacuation was certainly an humaitarian feat of epic proportions, particularly in the midst of battle, but the real military feat was the retreat from the Changjin Reservoir by the Marines and what was left of the 7th Cav. of which the Hungnam pullout itself was "just" the exclamation point. Along with the Incheon landing, that was a truly epochal feat of arms. And again like Incheon, it is the ordinary Marines and the Marine leadership - particularly General Oliver Smith and then Col. Chesty Puller -- that deserve the recognition - not MacArthur, whose supposed Incheon invasion plan originated with others, and whose avoidable mistakes resulted in the disaster at the Chosin. About the only thing MacArthur deserves any credit for in connection with Korea is "selling" the Incheon landing to the very sceptical Joint Chiefs, Navy and Marines.

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