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Thursday, March 02, 2006


GI Korea

How come your brother is joining the Army so late in his life? Interestingly enough I met an E4 today who joined the army back after 9/11 at the age of 36. He was a network engineer in New York. Now he is fixing my computers for a lot less money than what he was making back in New York but he said he has never been happier.


He just wants to serve his country (9/11 was a strong, if late in coming, influence).

He's joining the reserves, so he will be able to get back to his old job in a few months unless he is called up.

He had thought about joining a few years ago but he thought that he was too old. He also needed to get himself situated before going in. He owns a house and a condo. He is renting them out but still needed to work a while longer before he felt comfortable with leaving them.


Wow, I'm impressed. I'm 38 and the thought of trying to go through basic training is enough to make me cry and hide in my bed.

Please keep us informed as to his progress. I am truly in awe.

GI Korea

I wish we had more Americans like your brother join up. Really good story and I wish him best of luck.


Mr. Yangban,

I have one E-4 in my Army Reserve unit who is 37 years old who just came back from Basic last year. He already has a wife, three teenagers good job and a house. But so far, he is a good soldier and he is trying to become a Warrant Officer or trying to go AGR (Active Guard Reserve). If every older new soldiers between 35 to 39 are all mature and motivated like him, then it is great program for the US Army as whole. It is about time that Army raised the age limit. I much rather have motivated mature soldier than the young unmotivated soldier.

BTW, who gets $1000 referral bonus from your brother's enlistment?


CPT Kim,

I don't know. I did not go into those kinds of details with him. I would assume that he got some kind of signing bonus.

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