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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



I am in love with a korean men. now what do i do? he does not know. and i dont know any thing about korean men kkkk. i am losts in my one thougths. and it si geting hard not to say anything. we are from diferent worlds. and culture. i dont even know a word in korean.jssss. can some one help me, not to make a full of my self?


I have a korean boyfriend,and im from europe but sometimes we get into conflicts because we r from such different cultures and i dont understand him sometimes, the way he means things or tries to seduce me aren't as affective as european boys would do. its hard sometimes to follow, but koreans have a beautiful culture and are very warm hearted. :)


Yeah, I'm in love with a Korean too.. They are so hard to read emotionally and it seems like they like to keep it that way. It's as though my boyfriend was trained to keep all of his emotions to himself. I've figured out that in order to get him to open up I have to figure out what's wrong and then open myself up about it to kind of let him know it's ok for him to tell me what going on. He's a great guy..VERY gentlemanly.


any reason not to fall for korean men???...
i wish there is a very acceptable reason not to fall for them.

the biggest korean loverrr

ohh .. it is great thing actually ( for me sure ^^ ) I hope he loves you too ...
as I see for korean men their darlings are really valuable .. I hope you can get some development in your relationships and can date ^^

I dont know lots of korean too but i you need help maybe I can help :P:D


Hello, I stopped by because I was interested in the topic. I'm from Prtugal and I was in Korea for 2 months..During that time I fell in love with a korean guy, and I thought he liked me too, he was always very sweet and kind to me. But nowI'm in my country and he sent me an email saying he doesn't love me ad we can't be because there are too many problems and shocks on culture things... does that really matter? he really confuses me... always saying I miss you I miss you I'm going to portugal... and then...please help?

Mia Nguyen

hmmm... Just want to share something with you guys after reading your articles. I'm Vietnamese and my boyfriend is Korean.... I've always love and appreciate my Asian men but there is something about Korean men that make me weak . Korean men like any Asian men are men of proud of their background and culture. They values family and tradition. I'm so blessed to have Derek in my life, he always tell me I'm beautiful , and how proud he is to be my boyfriend. I feel so blessed because my friends always tell me they wish they have a "fine" boyfriend like mine... His physical attraction is no doubt the center attention of every room he
walked in, perhaps because he looks like he stepped out from a GQ magazine , a sharp dresser , 6'3 stand tall in taylored suits Monday - Friday , a typical commodity trader he is... But what I most feel blessed with is the emotional connection he has on me ... We can be in room full of people , but his eyes only focused on me. I looked acrossed the room and we meet in eyes and I know all he see is me... A long day practicing law but when I walked in our home... I feel love and comfort. His family love me his mom told me she can't wait til he
purposes to me. He does not see me as a Vietnamese girlfriend , he appreciate beauty in Asian women . He see me as a person he fall in love with.. I do speak fluent Korean so its a plus ... I'm teaching him Vietnamese . Slowly but surely . So to answered to those ladies wonder about Korean men . It doesn't matter. Love is love ... If a man love you emotional there is no boundary. He will hold nothing from you. He will appreciate the person you truly are.


I have a Korean boyfriend and I've never been so confused in my life. I love him and he's always saying he loves me he acts very caring and attentive. But there are times where he's so unresponsive, shut down, I thought that he was seeing other women behind my back but now I'm not so sure. But I think he is hiding things from me.

I don't know if I'm being a fool to stay with him. I know my teaching contract expires in about 7 months. And from there it may be a natural separation.
I'm Korean American but don't speak any Korean because I was adopted. A part of me thinks or relationship is too weird and has too many obstacles. And I want to experience Korea on my own terms and I'd be happy if he were free, and could find a nice Korean girl to settle down with.

So hard to trust his words but I love him too much. Not sure what the future will hold.

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