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Tuesday, December 06, 2005




If you want a really safe, boring place to stash your money, check the index funds (QQQ and DIA). Look at the performance of the Dow and NASDAQ over the course of time - they're generally going up. Stocks that suck get dropped off the index.

The Motley Fool book series are pretty good at explaining how a 7-9 percent return isn't a stretch.

Or you could bet it all on the Giants winning the NFC East. Think that's about 5:1 odds at double-you esse ee ex .com (that's world sports exchange, you pervs).



Why am I getting mental images of Ice-9 from their Web site? If your investment turns the world into a frozen, lifeless lump, I'm holding you reponsible.


Mills demonstrates that having an MD is suitable training to redefine quantum mechanics...or...that if you say something long enough, someone might believe it!

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