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Monday, November 14, 2005



don't know for sure; but I would imagine about 6 patriot batteries would have already launched by the time you "almost" saw that spot...

Phased array is harder to jam than the old dish sets, and it doesn't have to be the launching site guiding the missile...


Makes me remember those days in the B52 watching the EWO's screens light up as we made practice runs over Germany...

You never saw so many people lookin' at you!


Can you get a high resolution look at the fancy bridge across the Han you can see from the observation section atop Techno Mart in Seoul?

You know, the scene outside the large windows you see as you walk out of the movies on the top floor.

Since they keep people at work in that area to stop people from taking pictures of the view....

....I was wondering if someone with google earth could scope me out an image?


Andy (AKA: The Yangban)

I never said that the life of a North Korean polit was easy.

I remember that the Korean government was concerned when Google Earth came out that it was giving out high resolution images of several juicy targets in Korea, including the Cheong Wa Dae. I think they asked Google to 'fuzzy them up a bit.'

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