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Monday, October 24, 2005


Rick Vaughn

Funny, seeing as Sayon is flag etiquette officer for the CNMI. By the way, the visitor's center was paid for by funds raised privately by the Arizona Memorial Museum Association, the folks that run the USS Arizona center in Honolulu, not Department of the Interior money.

Chuck Sayon

Actually, the funds to build the American Memorial Park Visitors Center came from a trust fund specifically targeted for the development and maintenance of the Park. These funds were then matched by the CNMI government, the costs for the new development in 2004 - 2006, which the Visitors Center was a part of, was approximately $5.7 million. The Arizona Memorial Museum Association (AMMA), had a very minor role in funding the new Visitors Center, only setting up a retail bookstore operation located within the Visitors Center. AMMA is a very valuable cooperative partnership with the National Park Service and American Memorial Park, focusing on education outreach and managing the bookstore. Its main operations and focus is the US Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, of which they are in the process of raising over $30 million for a new visiters center facility in Honolulu.

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