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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



if the whole "uni" thing is all about money, wouldn't it have been much cheaper to have just surrendered in 1950?

IMHO, the number of lives brought out of poorly-coifed, Stalinist-wannabee slavery and oppression is a better measure... not that a waygook's opinion matters anyhow...


Unification? How?

By becoming KJI's slaves?


Look around, baduk... who besides a few of the over 40 crowd and less than half of the expats in country see KJI as more of a threat to Korea than GWB?

I think, sadly, we're going to see something very traumatic this year... I pray to God that I'm wrong... and it won't be started by the Americans any more than the attack on 6/25/1950 was...

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