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Monday, May 23, 2005



It's 1,500 tons? The patrol boat weighs more than those little rocks it's supposed to protect. Now the weather forecasts on TV include Dokdo ("windy, with scattered seagull crap..."). Historians will look back on this time...and laugh.


I was surprised it said "...coast guard". The boats in Sokcho say police and the translation they use for "해양경찰" is National Maritime Police Agency.

There is a police (coast guard) training ship in Donghae that circles Dokdo (I don't know the schedule or the regularity) that is 5,000tons.

Little Kim

I hope the little boat hits the rock and sinks to the bottom of sea of Japan.


The deck is tennis court green?? There's a rainbow on the bow?? That looks mighty gay....I'm just saying.

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