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Sunday, April 03, 2005



Not going to happen. Despite his desire for hard currency, KJI still wants to keep the populous walled off. Can you imagine the massive de-programming sessions required upon the workers' return to the North? Similarly, the mass of security checks required at this end would make the process an uneconomical and futile one at best.

non korean

The problem with having North Koreans come South is the South Korean business owners could not treat them as badly as the 3d workers. Since they are the same blood they would have to give them equal rights-unlike the 3d workers. What would happen if they protested? Surely they could not just lock them up and deport them like 3d workers. This is what business owners really want. I also doubt they could clash violently with cops like the Hyundai SK workers do and get away with it.

When it does come to sending money back to NK, there would be at least 3 layers of people taking their \"cut\" from the North Korean workers and in the end their salaries would probably be half of the original. Making it less likely that a lot of money would poor into NK coffers. Which is what would happen. Most of the money would just go to KJI and his regime. Is that a good idea?

I agree that the biggest obstacle to this is the NK government not wanting its citizens to see that NK is not utopia. No way no how this will happen unless the regime actually does open up or there is a new government that is more open.


I read the original post... very interesting idea. Of course, it will never happen BUT what if, as you asked in the original, President Roh made the offer? It would make the Nork officials look even more ridiculous than usual to refuse!

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