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Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Munich, 1938, "Peace in our time"...


Also remember that back in 2002 when the event happened, they held the funeral in an awkward location whose main benefit was that the general public could not get close to it, and none of the top people came.

The worst, however, for me is the information about the 1 year anniversary ---- the fact that the Korean government didn't send messages to the individual families.

I generally avoid the personal, non-broad strokes stuff, but that makes me think.

The one former Korean reporter who now writes a column for one of the English papers who gets attacked for being anti-Korean made a great comment about the no message fact ---- he said we should look at the United States --- a nation that considers North Korea an unholy enemy, but also a nation that continues to give the Kim Jong Il regime some money to allow teams to go around North Korea ---- to dig up the bones of our servicemen who died in the war 50 years ago. Then, he said, we should look at South Korea when the government can't find the desire to send family members letters of condolence.

I also think back to something Rice was quoted as having said in early 2003 on a visit with South Korean counterparts. When the topic of the 2002-2003 orgy of hate over the 2 middle school flowers came up and how the US could have defused some/much of the problem, she is said to have asked the Korean government bigwigs if they knew the names of the two girls. They said "Of course!" and told her. Then she is supposed to have asked them if they could tell her the names of the South Korean navy members who were killed in the gun battle ------- and they could not.

Having her as State Dept head is going to be interesting.

I'm already getting prepared to make some "Vote for Condie" posters for the next presidential election......

Stink Bomb

With Roh "Fellow Traveller" Moo-hyun as president, they must consider the sailor's deaths the result of "friendly fire."



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