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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Little Kim

"Korea University Student Body to Name Pro-Japanese Academics

The student association of Korea University said Friday it plans to publish a list of all past and present professors at the university with records of collaboration with the Japanese occupation. The list, to be released in conjunction with civic groups like the Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities could rock not only the school but academia as a whole.
The student association decided to set up a body chaired by its head to "eradicate vestiges of Japanese colonialism," which will cooperate with academics specializing in collaboration issues and with civic groups. It plans to collect allegations of pro-Japanese activities against Korea University staff and investigate their records. The list is to be published on March 28.

A spokesman for the student association said the project to eradicate relics of the colonial era was born out of disappointment over the school's failure to intervene in the Han Seung-jo controversy. The university refused to take action against the honorary professor who praised colonial rule in a right-wing Japanese magazine, saying it could not get involved in matters of personal conviction.

The association said it wanted to seize the opportunity of the Han controversy to stamp out any colonial leftovers in the university and correct the distorted history. It vowed to ensure that there will be no "second Prof. Han Seung-jo."

I dont see you talk about that huh??? why? talk about typical right wing korean bias!!!

Little Kim

what kind of proofs do you have that Takeshima belongs to Korea? It is a conflicting area, you should not say it belongs to korea for sure.


Brainwashing must start early. THis is why elementary girls write letters in blood. Korea invented brainwashing and its still alive.

Big Kim

dude, you are right on the mark. These ultranationalist thugs in South Korea are alarming - not only to the U.S. but to the whole world outside Korea.


what is wrong with you? if u don't know the evidence y dont u rtfm?, go read the evidence?

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