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Monday, February 28, 2005


Hiney Can

Too bad that fake stout sucks. (Yangban edit for language)


Koreans love commies. another evidence.


Well, no more stout for me. On the other hand, if the NORKs had adopted Che Guevara's "foco" strategy for guerrilla warfare, the regime up north would have long ago gone out of existence.

Ji-Yeon Kim

I do agree with your opinion about Che Guevara picture for beer ad. That's why I really hate about capitalism system. I hope beer company no longer exploit Che's images & aura...

Cletus J. "Bubba" Huckabee Jr.

It is quite sad that young Koreans fall, lemming-like, in to lock-step Che adoration. They are either blissfully unaware of who he was and what he did, or they have decided that, like “Yura,” somehow it is now not only acceptable, but trendy to embrace a murdering communist megalomaniac. Kim Ji Yeon’s comment appears to confirm this assertion. Like the demonstrators across Korea who wear Levis and Gap shirts to demonstrate against capitalism, or against the West, or against USA… they fail to see the humor in the irony of their idiotic ignorance. Korean middle school teachers do not cover Che and his attempt at exporting revolution – nor his murderous exploits, therefore Koreans don’t know anything about him (middle school curriculum being the intellectual litmus test for the bando). However, if “oni” or “hyung” has a Che T shirt, then it is required attire and another lemming slips on an iconic symbol that they don’t understand. As for Korean beer firms hijacking the Che image and using it to flog beer… it is on par with Korean beer firms hijacking the image of Hitler and using that to flog beer. The worker bees in the marketing departments of the beer companies were educated by the same middle school teachers and are equally incapable of making the intellectual connection. As for the quality of the beer… who cares? It's Korean beer, after all.


hay que endurecer sin perder la ternura jamas!

viva che guevara!

Long life to che guevara! That the whole world gets to know how he fought murderous us-sponsored dictatorships along the whole of latin america! Long life to the fall of batista's goverment by nothing more than 100 men! Long life to the end of cuban degeneration and elite's privileges over extremely poor people!

And most of all, long life to the continuation of che's ideal of being politically conscious without ever stopping to enjoy life!

Check Feet


I wish I were Yangban, I'd never give up my sweet life to work the fields or fight revolutionary wars.

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