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Sunday, January 23, 2005




"unforgivable blackness" by ken burns just played on pbs. it was about jack johnson. you should really try to show it to koreans.


I wouldn't grab your wife's butt in public!. Consider what happened to the GI who had his arm around his wife;s shoulders while riding the subway a few years ago!. He gets assualted by a bunch of drunk Koreans, whom he and his buddies mess up a bit in self-defense, and he and his buds go to jail while the perps walk. I always keep this in mind when I and/or my wife get verbally assaulted by the chonmin-nom - which, thankfully, happenswith less and less frequency compared with ten years ago.

sorry if my previous post was ambiguous. but in case you don't know, "unforgivable blackness"


is the story of jack johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion in the u.s.a.. after beatin' all the white boxers of many different weight divisions - including jim jeffries (1910), led to a wave of racial violence against black folk and increased vigilence on anti-miscegenation laws in the u.s.a..

he was finally indicted for being a white slaver - basically, for having many white women at his side (mostly prostitutes - oh my god!)

koreans can really benefit from this documentary - if properly conveyed and presented to really understand the evils of misegenation. they are so primitive sometimes.

oops - i meant the evils of anti-miscegenation. sorry.


They are trying to pass a "nude negro law" in some small southern town. When I say "they" it sounds like some klansmen behind it.


not in Texas!


don't you have enough Russian whores in South Korea to grab their butts? To me, your wish to grab your wife's butt IN PUBLIC means plain disrespect to her as a human being. You merely want to show that she is an object you posess.
I am all for mixed marriages, but I wouldn't touch any American men even if they were the only men on Earth! Br-r-r-r-r...
I find Korean men very attractive. Pity they are not into foreign women!

Andy (The Yangban)

Rina, is it OK if my wife grabs my butt in public?

BTW, most of the Russian working girls in Korea are for Korean businessmen. There is no shortage of Korean guys who would like to roll in the hay with a foeign girl, so give them a shot.

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