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Friday, September 17, 2004



"Wayward Waygooks"? Sheesh...

Is it just my flawed western perception or is there some sort of historical rewrite here? Koreans are not an homogenous lump of protoplam, regardless of the infamous "han min joke". Witness the political processes of the South and the fact that norks didn't show up to debate the Chinese Proposal that the South liked.

Granted a group of bouncers armed with clubs and gas guns could beat up a bunch of drunken Irish soccer fans in Itaewon ( and a mob of protestors at Kyung Hee University could kidnap and illegally detain a single US soldier(; but the fact that takes large groups of Koreans to _occationally_ beat up a lonely or drunken "waygooks" does not seem like something to brag about.

I'm not aware of similar incidents surrounding West Asians or Africans--but I've never personally seen this type of behavior on any "waygook".

It is my contention, based on personal observation and study of various news accounts, that the only Korean men who like beating on anyone are cowards and bullies who haven't achieved anything of worth in their own life. In effect, the same type of personality that, given a different birthplace, would have joined the Klan, the Nazi Party, Pol Pot, or whatever other group of thugs that was handy.

And that's a pretty small percentage off the whole...


lol u ppl r either jealous or just lopedsided minded i'm white and and i live in australia and my wife is korean and she tells me that her korean friends at uni all agree kormens r rude and selfish and they find that white aussies males r the best.we r openminded and show strong cultural respect and we aussie males tend to love asian culture cause we like to experience another culture while in a relationship...2 same cultures make a relationship boring..we have been 2gether 4 yrs and its never i'm not the usual old white fat male who beats asian wifes and show but don't put all white males in the same class...


My korean mother in law is insane and crazy. She thinks her grandkids are her own children.I used to do all kinds of things for Hominy, but she would not forgive me(I BEGGED)after one last argument. I used to admire the Korean culture now I loathe it. The greed and money hungry, keepin' up with the Jones'has made me feel different. She is physically abusive to my wife. My wife supports her mother financially, leaving OUR family short.My wife has also left me(3RD TIME) to be with her MoM, NOT coming back. My wife said her MoM comes before me. Last straw. If i hit my wife it would be over. Why can her Mom do it? She said her Mom has nobody. Can't pump own gas etc. SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN



You may be chivalrous type but your cohorts in Korea are the least respectful of women of any color (even their own)that I doubt you'll find much agreement.


Been here five years and won't have anything to do with them.

Harriet Lee

Korean men?? Hmm, different temperaments, personalities, economic levels, you name them, I think I have encountered most of them. Bottomline: You cannot just put them altogether in one tray.. Having a good ability to discern them is wise.

Being a teacher with a-not-so-Filipina features, these men would often mistake me as one of them, but corrected as they communicate when I couldn't understand their language. But mind you, they are picking on the similarities Korea and the Philippines have in common. It's true that men are open in meeting a foreigner as long as they share the same or at least similar culture and values.

I am a Filipina.


"A Chinese woman is more acceptable than a different looking Filipina, I guess." - Shuba shin

--You're probably right, but many foreigners prefer a Filipina because a Filipina is one of the most (if not the most) caring, compassionate and sweet especially to their husbands and children. While Filipinas are not perfect, those who married Filipinas can say that these women treat them like kings or babies. These women can give almost everything for their loved ones.

"i sence a bit of green envy that asiain women love korean men. korean men are known around asia as kind generous and sweet and old fashoned (like holding the door open for women)" - Stevekim

--I'm a teacher and I've taught Koreans for almost 2 years. I've also had Korean classmates back in college, and have a lot of Korean friends now. I would say that majority of Korean men are really old fashioned (conservatives) and kind. Most of them including women are very respectful to superiors, but IT IS SO NOT TRUE THAT KOREAN MEN ARE GENEROUS AND SWEET. Just like the Chinese, they are very stingy especially male Koreans. Nothing against being stingy, but that's just the way they are. They're scared of spending... They are also very far from being sweet and gentleman. Many Korean women complain about it. That's why these Korean women are so surprised with how gentleman and sweet Filipino men are. I've also met a lot of Caucasians. I would say that generally Caucasians are a bit better than Korean men in terms of sweetness.

I'd say that aside from being respectful, one of the two positive traits that women especially Filipinas like about Korean men is that most of them are financially stable. They always make sure that their family is financially secured. Second, many Korean men are not polygamous. They don't cheat around. Most of them are one woman man. There are, of course, exemptions to the rule.


white studs...what an ignorant son of a bitch you are


Well, tintintin, i'm very glad about your comment there. ---I'm Cerylhen, a 100 % filipina that looks like a korean....

By the way, my boyfriend is Korean. Our relationship is already almost 6 months old now (November).. hmmmm... I haven't met him yet. He was supposed to visit me here in Philippines last Oct. 15 but my mom had a mild stroke, consequently, I rescheduled his visit to be in December.---

We really like each other and I feel that he is really a good person like what my mother feels towards him and his family. We chat on MSN regularly since May 2009-September 2009 (not until October-present because he's very busy now with work). I can chat also with his mom and always see his brother on cam... My mom and I really feel that they are good people by how they communicate to us. They are Protestant Christians.

I'm confident about our relationship is going well but there's one thing that I am afraid of and it's about Korean men being STINGY.

Can you please site some ways on how to SILENTLY DETECT a STINGY KOREAN?

Everyone's answer will be greatly appreciated.

Raymond Funamoto

As an older(59) gay Japanese-American with a gay younger(29) South Korean male lover/bf, I can vouch for the fact that Korean men are sexy, hot, lusty, loving, loyal partners/mates! An added BONE-us is that he approached me first and professed undying love for me which swept me off my feet, literally! Needless to say we can't leave each other alone for a single moment!
Ke Ke Ke~~~

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