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Friday, September 17, 2004



sounds like "mailorder brides" are treated the same in many countries...

Or maybe it's a two-way street?


The best advice for men seeking foreign wives is to avoid making decisions in the heat of passion... the chemicals in your body make you incapable of telling whether the Woman is truly a "soulmate" or just another someone who wants to empty your wallet before the dessert tray arrives...

It's sad, but many women in desperate circumstances attach themselves to men who are incapable of loving anyone except themselves. This requires a certain amount of due diligence on the woman's part.

It should take more than a year or two of dating before agreeing to marry... even if you both live in the same town... it's harder to dissemble if you get comfortable with each other and true character begins to emerge...

Best wishes to all!!


I've got a great idea for a business: Mail-Order Girlfriends.

You pick her out of a catalog, she arrives, then you send her back with the pre-paid package. Perfect.


When you mail order a wife (or gf), does she come with a technical support hotline to call in case theres miscommunication or cultural problems?


In my business plan, there is no need for tech support. When she starts creating problems for you, you just send her back in the postage-paid package. It's like NetFlix, but for chicks.

I'll call it NetChix™. Damn, that's a great idea.



Scott I gotta give it up to you, that's a freakin GREAT idea.

Oh how low we males go.... *grin*

Sugar Shin


from South-East Asia? There's the option for rural girls from China or Chinese-Koreans. It's all about ethnic (East Asian-) physiogonomy. A Chinese woman is more acceptable than a different looking Filipina, I guess.

And to the "catalogue-guys" above: I'll call the American Feminists Association and those guys,err, ladies, err, members will beat the living crap out of you...

P.S.: Yangban, can't I use the "strike" "/strike" html-tag in your comment section?


Sugar Shin,

Theres a lopsided Male to Female ratio in China already... women in China are going to be in huge demand as the years go by. In the spirit of Frank Shirrmacher, we might call it a demografische katastrophe.


Just back from Taiwan where we were (again)visiting my wife's niece, a Vietnamese mail order bride who married a Taiwan taxi driver 20 years her senior. Two babies, and the marriage is happy. Lots of other Vietnamese women in the neighborhood, most of whom have working marriages. Also met some Vietnamese women who'd ditched their husbands for abuse and other reasons. There are now two television stations dedicated to advertising Vietnamese mail order brides. Ho Chi Minh must really be proud. (Great job, Uncle Ho. What was that you said about smelling Chinese shit for 1,000 years...)

There are also a larger number of South Chinese girls in Taiwan, for exactly the same reasons.

What is at work here is the fact that men who have waited too long, are now out of the market for eligible females in Taiwan. The reasons for that are many, but number years spent accumulating the money necessary for a middle class life, or engaged in an occupation (i.e. farming) that does not appeal to modern Taiwanese women, or physically disfigured, particularly in the face, and among the most common. Vietnam offers the advantage of providing girls who are culturally compatible, i.e. confucian - Buddhist upbringings, confucian work ethic, willing to trade poverty for a shot at the Taiwan lower middle class, at least for their children.

If you want to see what life is like for Vietnamese in Taiwan who haven't been lucky enough to marry, visit the fishing docks. Many of Taiwan's fishing vessels are crewed by Vietnamese. They get paid $200 U.S. dollars equivalent a year for the first three years, then $500 a year for two yeara after that, after which, if they are still unmaimed and still around, they are offered regular contracts. Saw one young man in his 20's minus an arm.

And these guys consider themselves the lucky ones, as they got out of Vietnam.

Back to the women, the majority of children I saw from these marriages are being raised as Chinese, with no attempt to teach them Vietnamese, sometimes from choice, and sometimes due to orders from the husband.

Bottom line: These are not cases of 70 year old gweilo's buying 16 year old sex partners. The majority of the marriages are real, if arrived at for convenience. The women are legally in Taiwan, and have rights before the Taiwan courts. I would assume that the case if the same in Korea. If anyone knows differently, please tell us.


i sence a bit of green envy that asiain women love korean men. korean men are known around asia as kind generous and sweet and old fashoned (like holding the door open for women)

if only forener men would act this way then they would meet more women.

The Marmot

i sence a bit of green envy that asiain women love korean men. korean men are known around asia as kind generous and sweet and old fashoned (like holding the door open for women)

if only forener men would act this way then they would meet more women.

Firstly, given that many of the commentors are probably white, I don't think the issue is envy about how Korean guys are stealing all the Asian chicks. Chalk it up to cultural/sexual imperialism if it makes you feel any better. Second, if you really believe that "korean men are known around asia as kind generous and sweet and old fashoned," you need to put down the Chosun Ilbo and get out more.

Yang Wei

>And to the "catalogue-guys" above: I'll call the American Feminists Association
>and those guys,err, ladies, err, members will beat the living crap out of you...

Sugar Shin,

You mean the National Association of Gals.

And I don't think they have any members.

Yang Wei
Members Only


From America with love:

"Baahd boys,
what ya gonna doooo...
oo-when they come for you-ooo.

Bad boys bad boys,
what ya gonna do,
what ya gonna do when they cum fo you.....

(and so forth)

In case we might have missed it, catch any segment of Fox's show, "COPS," and you'll see the ways of the gentlemanly and civil democratic citizens of America come out of their woodwork in an array of costumes such as: wife-beater shirts (note the name, I remind you), ass crack pants, beer belly pots, and often times with their attractive looking mullet hair-do's. This is chivalry indeed America; and damn proud of it, ain't we.

The Yangban

Hey hweld, that strikes a little too close to home.

I have a drawer full of wife-beaters. But the good news is that I don't have any 'butt' crack pants since I buy pants that are big enough to drape over my pot-belly.

PS, I'll let your naughty word stay this time since it was funny but please try to avoid using them here in the future.


"korean men are known around asia as kind generous and sweet and old fashoned (like holding the door open for women)" Bwaha haha ha!


I can't stop laughing.
Hey, aren't you supposed to be in Guam?
But point taken. :)

non korean

Wow Korean women have often told me they think weguks are much kinder than Korean men. I guess 1000s of those women were all lying to me.

Whenver I visit another asian country and tell them I work in Korea they often say bad things about Korean men- I guess they were lying to me as well.

Don\'t get me wrong there are some good Korean guys and some awful American guys but generally Korean women seem to like American men very much.


hey marmot hole. i see your green eyes from here. you are so jelous of handsome kind korean men.


"Steve Kim" you are Diakorea, right?

The name may change, but the syntax....ooww!


old-fashioned is right!! the korean men I met in the 90s were all wearing clothes from the 60s and 70s... Heck, _my_ clothes looked avante garde...

But one can find any number of good, bad, and ugly in any collection of humans, so let's drom the "moo-lie-oh envy" garbage and get back on point.

People who marry outside their neighborhood are looking for something important that they miss in their other relationships... in most cases, it's either intimacy or control.

The control freaks are the ones who end up with this type of racist news printed about them.

Those who are blessed enough to find intimacy don't attract the same kind of attention... and good news doesn't sell papers...

hweld is just wrong (only gangpae and plumbers show their "trouser cleavage". stevekim is just a troll (i.e., rubbery and loathsome).

Many thanks to Yangban for this coverage!


I've read through some of these comments and I have to ask who the FCK is yangban and if he's korean WTF is he doing cow~towing to fcking white shits who can't get enough of their arrogant white selves to realize that in a foreign country, usually the denizens who go out with foreigners go out with them, EXACTLY BECAUSE they are foreign, most of the time?

White guys being nicer than asians? LOL. Buddy I live in Hawaii, and let me tell you now, caucasians are not known to be "nicer" people. They are just like everyone else and its their personality that determines their actions. Asian women in Asian countries are usually attracted to non-asians because you non-asians are the zebra in the heard of horses. They feel "special" and apart from the crowd because they are with a "special" or "different" looking person. Thats one of the biggest motivators right there for a misplacement of beliefs and often the case, trust. Its usually the "foreigners" in the visiting countries that leave a very bad taste in the mouth of local residents because of their bad behaviour while they are there.



Let me add that I am in no way advocating the bad behaviours of those koreans who beat their wifes or gf. Beating on women or childen is bad in ANY CULTURE in my book and I've seen it enough times on prime time USA tv to know it happens here just much as anywhere else in the world.

I'm just FCKING pissed if this yangban fckhead is korean, he better have a good reason to be putting down his own fcking race. Fcking traitor.

And again to you caucasoid beeotches, please STFU when you have no idea what your talking about. Spew your racist drivel elsewhere.


Scott in Japan said,
"...Oh how low we males go.... *grin*"

-Men around the world agree on that one thing.

btw- you guys take Lirelou's joke too seriously. We all know what most people think of Korean men.


Try not to look so desperate when you deny the attractiveness of Korean men. hehe


Peter, now really, "race traitors"?!?!

How sweet you must look in that yellow KKK Hanbok...

I don't recall hearing that kind of talk coming out of any mature adult's mouth since the late 60s...


Let me add that I am in no way advocating the bad behaviours of those koreans who beat their wifes or gf.

Korean men don't just beat their wives or gf's. They also like to beat the shit out of wayward wayguks, you know.

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