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Monday, August 30, 2004



My girlfriend are heading down on the 10th and staying until the 12th. I\'ll have to see if we can see any of the movies your girlfriend worked on.


Greetings to Lady Yangban from another (but more occasional) film translator. Good for her that Korean film festivals have the films with subtitles translated to the local language - here in the Helsinki In'tl Film Festival Korean films are shown with English subtitles except when the film is going to run in an ordinary theater.


Off topic, but this is the first time I have been able to see your blog since the block began. I can finalyl see your pictures! Anyway when I went to the festival in Jeonju they had Korean subtitles for all films, and English and Korean subtitles for films not in English or Korean. I assume Kwangju will be the same, but I don't know.


Having endured a year in Kwangju I can tell you that there is no city in Korea deserving less or needing more an international festival of any kind. When I was there 7 years ago it was quite frankly the epicenter of Korean racism and provincialism. Our tiny xpat community was besieged..attempted rapes and beating were common, and very few finished their time...

I wish Chun DooHwan had finished the job! (There's some deliberate provacation!)

The Yangban

Do they usually voice-over on English films in Finland?

I still have to use a proxy from my apartment but I know have full access at my office. So, the ban is at least partially over.

That last bit was borderline deletable (I'm very uptight, which is why I don't get many comments). A friend of mine was in Gwangju for a year about two years ago and he seemed to like it. Maybe having 'their guys' in the Blue House for the last 7 years has made them relax a little.


Yangban, no voiceover except in films for children who cannot be expect to read; always subtitled.

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