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Monday, July 19, 2004


pissed off person

the person who posted this is a dumbass...
u r an idiot!

pissed off person



Hey I stumbled upon your site and I really do not think that those solidures were being attacked for the following reasons.

1) I have been taking Korean Martial Arts for many years now and the kick that he is doing is something very complicated and it would be completely stupid to use in actual combat and would be too slow. The move is called a 360 hook-kick. It is used in competition and would not be used in a fight.

2) Three of the military dudes are standing around smiling. Why on earth would they be smiling when some tiny brainwashed ninja is trying to kick the lights out of them! It looks like a demo!

3) Correct me if I am wrong but the kid looks like he is eight years old and wouldn't stand a chance with solidures highly trained in joint lock self defences and stuff. They could pin him down in a second flat.


*Generic stupid comment not seeing that the article is a joke*

*Points out obvious counter arguments, not realizing the satirical nature. *

*More generic insults for good measure*



bealtifuul Kick


jaime le taekwondo

Purna Shah


You Guys Are Morons & A Bunch Of Virgins

You Guys Are Morons & A Bunch Of Virgins Who Have Wayyyy To Much Time On Your Hands. Get A Woman!


ummm....i learn taekwondo
but whoever posted this is so dumb!

viki man kootie

i know its fake shit but if i saw a little dude doing moves like that i'd run like hell thinking he's some mini jaki chan guy. lol :P we all love america really!"

julian kinnard

i personalt as a marine think that u have no say so wat so ever wen it comes to wat happens over in iraq or bagdahd or any where els unless u,ve been there i mean in 2003 i couldnt even walk downt the street its still like that in some places but dont u worrie about that u just sitt at home in ur nice warm bed and just think about it im doin something that u wont i mean its nice to be home dont get me wrong by that but wen im out in puplick its nice to have people who are respectfull enough to say "hey thanks for wat u do u dont have to but u do it anyway" and not be ashamed of me for the tags i wear around my neck and the uniform i wear on my back its people like that who will be greatfull and honored to have people who will step up and sat ill fight for this great country and any one who is gona doubt the greatness of it like in 911 make sure u watch ur back cause an ass whoopin is comin

Me your a marine huh? the americans must have really low standards now-a-days fighting the never ending war and all, so back to my point they recruit people that cant speak english, oh and 911 happened 7 years ago get over it


read the bottom guys...


Some people are really funny, especially those who do not use their eyes and dont work their minds out. No offense to the marine guy - i know you've been through a lot of hell but men read through the whole thing next time, OK?! It was a joke... and it was really funny...


el taekwon-do es lo mejor del mundo...!!


u r an ass hole whoever wrote this...who do u think u r?

orlando vinicio nuñez montiel

nadien puede con los uracan de maracaibo somos los mejores ustedes se ponen frente de nosotros y es como afrentar un sunami ok no lloren que no le bamos a dar muy duro solo nocaos ok cuidense




Heh your brainwash bit is classic nicely written... Some of my best times in Korea were when troops would be at comps for demos or w/e and just chilling and chatting. Good memories hah


Why him? Try me if you can American dogs!


taekwondo is only for selfdefense y realy dont think this kid is ataking the soldiers but iraki soldier are traning martial arts


j'adore le taekwondo


Hey you,
Stupid lie..
you dont see face of this soldiers? they are laughing... it was just a kind of show...


Geez... nobody actually READS anymore. Juz glance at the pic n voila, HATE HATE HATE!


Btw, cute photo u got there ^_^


American Airman

You freakin kidding me. you guys are ridiculous the picture is funny as hell. Everyone does some funny stuff while their over in the dessert look up "I'm hot cause I'm Deployed" on youtube. To the guy who posted the picture. Way to go. I ts something to laugh at and gives the American people some moral if they READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING. I t shows that our troops are over there making a difference and helping out local nationals and enjoying what they do, and it shows not everything over there is bad. Kudos Sir. Way to keep morale high

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