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Wednesday, June 30, 2004



(NOTE: Yangban edit for language)

It's all a bunch of (male bovine excrement). Essentially, we need one primary leader in charge of everything, but absolute power corrupts absolutely so we need a checks and balances thing going. However, I don't see how this position can really do just that and provide a check and balance. I guess that's what democracy is partly about, checks and balances-making sure those in power are doing their job and doing it right.


"absolute power corrupts absolutely"
or, more to the point,
"the corrupt seek power, absolutely"


hi "flying yangban"...i'm a german (yeah, one of thos idiots who refused to get to war with the US :D)....but: I have to say "WOW" to your wonderful blog.....i just love (and share) most of your opinions, especially on korean politics...

Well, let's all pray that this stupid Bill Chung from Arkans...eeeehm...i mean Asan ;)...will never be president ( one can do it worse than Roh does ist, but anyway...^^)

Dr Sun wannabe

Hi Flying Yangban! You have a most wonderful blog with indepth opinions on Korean politics. I do have to say as a Chinese I really admire the combined efforts of many Koreans all over working towards unification. I only hope that one day the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese could see things the same way.

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