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Friday, June 25, 2004


Dan Mehlhorn

I do not get the reasoning for the ban.

I am beginning to wonder if "chill pills" need to be distributed to both Koreas.



consider your banishment an honour. coming from mr. noh\'s government is not very suprising. if the proscription had come from john ashcroft, or his counterparts anywhere in the western world, i would find it much more disturbing. in the meantime, revel in your glory, a petty government sees you and your kind as a threat.


White is right, and west is best!! Teach those barbarians how much more they have to learn Yangban.

The Yangban

Hello Ralph,

From the tone of your post I take it that you object to my post and/or considered it racist.

What part of my objection to the Korean governement's (or Korean Telecom's) attempt at supression of do you disagree with?

I could understand something like this if a threat to Korea's national security waw involved but this is just a blanket ban on a whole group of sites that someone thought MIGHT carry a video that they wanted to ban.

If this kind of paternalism is not acceptable in "white" countries, why should it be acceptable in Asian lands?

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