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Wednesday, June 23, 2004



I am really sad but not surprised at all. I would've been surprised if Mr. Kim's life had been spared.

We Koreans have seen the face of evil. Yes, the boneheads are still there, blaming the US and the government. Then I saw a news article which says the website of the Defense Ministry has been flooded with the messages calling for revenge and sending for combat troops. (Some even call for killing every Arab, which seems to be as lunatic as blaming the United States for this tragedy.) Those calling for the withdrawal have disappeared for now from the website.

I am not as optimistic as you are. I think the deployment question won't be put to rest and the call for withdrawal will persistent. Anti-American sentiments are here to stay (and I think both the Bush Administration and Koreans are to blame, but let's not go there...) But at least, this will give a voice to those who support sending troops to Iraq.


It truly is a pity that no one really understands the nature of evil until evil is worked upon them personally.


It's worst when people do understand the nature of evil but are unable to do anything about it.


By the way, the press in the US is only reporting the lefties' anger at Roh for not withdrawing troops. There has been zero mention of anger at the terrorists. This includes Fox News. The articles I've seen have quotes blaming Roh and the US for the murder.


If the businessmen I tutored this morning are representative of Korean feelings, well...I wouldn't like to be wearing Arabic-style clothing out in public in Korea the next few days. America was not even mentioned, just grim, angry and frustrated outbursts and comments along the lines of "'shippal' arab pigs" and "we should just shoot every man in that town". Yes, I know it is just angry talk, and that conversations like this undoubtedly occurred in America after the Berg beheading,, the rage was palpable. Part of Korean culture is a strong feeling of group identity - I suspect almost every Korean now has a strong feeling of being personally attacked.

And essentially, that would be true.


First I would like to extend my sympathies and prayers to Mr. Kim's family.

Second, I do hope that Korea does wake up and sees truthfully the what kind of people that committed this and other similar acts are. These are not 'resistance fighter' or any other things that might invoke some David v Goliath heroic images, but terrorist scum that need to be confronted and defeated.

I frequently wondered what the Korean public was thinking when I read that they were posting on Al-Jazeera and other sites saying how Korea is a weak nation pressured by a superpower, that Korea is friends of Iraqis and there to help the Iraqis and other such things, when Al-Zarqawi, who is a Jordanian, and others of his ilk do not care a whit about everyday Iragis - carbombs at crowded places, assasinating Iraqi leaders, blowing up Iragi oil piplines/waterplants/infrastructure, etc.

I hope the Koreans focus their anger at the ones that are responsible and that deserve it - not the U.S., not Pres. Bush, not Pres. Noh, not the Iraqis, but the terrorists.

Dan Mehlhorn

My Daughter, Brenda (Sung Mee), wants all the terrorists sent to Hell as soon as possible.


(Yangban Edit: This comment was too dumb to allow on my blog.)

Sugar Shin

"MrHub" alias "Diakorea" aka by me as "Diarrhoea": the Yangban don't like your dumb comments either and that makes me sweet lovingly happy!


You forget that Qoreans pardon lots of stuff the do. like terrorism. just look at kim hyun hee. they pardoned her after she murderd 130 people. after she got caught she got lots of marrage proposals. and was a hero in Qorea.

also any crime that helps the economy is ok so is anything that is against an american. that is great:) dont forget pro nk crimes, those are fine also.

you see, crime is pardonable.

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