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Tuesday, March 16, 2004


sugar shin

"-Women wearing tight, low-cut pants.
-The same women wearing tight, waist-length shirts.
-Those women leaning forward in their desks as I walk around the classroom checking their work."-Yangban

The girls in Europe wear the same stuff, but the latest summer trend was to wear G-strings/ String-Tangas(don´t know the exact English term for these special kind of panties)in crying red, green, yellow, pink, brown (sic!) or the usual black or white.

Wow, what a cool trend!


Ah, the inevitable time when we go from young and living it up to "dirty old man."

Tis a shame, a crying shame...


I demand that topics such as this contain pictures in the future.


enjoy. its one of the perks of the job.


Lucky, lucky you, Andy...


The Yangban

I can't really enjoy it. These are my STUDENTS. You know that BS you hear about teachers looking at their students kind of like they were their own children? It's kind of true. You really want to guide them and see them go out and make a good life for themselves.


Well then...I suggest they need better choices in clothing wear. ;)



as for viewing our students as something akin to our children, that may well be true for most of the students. on the other hand, a few years ago i had one young lady firmly and deliberately run her hand up the inside of my thigh -knee to crotch- during an after class drinking session. believe me, the look she gave me then could never have come from one of my daughters. and no, her mark didn't improve after that, she still got 'c'.

Dan Mehlhorn


I'm lucky my daughter isn't in your class. She'd be yelling, "hoochie mama!" at each girl that gave you a show. When I walk with her in the mall as we pass the Victoria Secret store, if I hear her take in a deep breath, my hand goes over her mouth.


I must admit that the low-cut panties are sexier than the G-String, which I have tried to \"ignore it as best I can\" in Aussie.

Have a good one

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