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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Silly Sally

SS is back.

Actually, this comment was not bad and was actually pretty interesting, but I deleted it just on principle.

-The Yangban

sugar shin

Ay, Yangban, the wacky weirdos & freaks are around your sanctuary, I guess.

len peters, in my unimportant honest opinion, you should consult a doctor. please, call the doctor... they have great pills.

sugar shin

Oh, I´ve forgotten to tell you, that this posting was a very good read.

BTW, len peters has left his piece of shit also at Marmot´s hole.

whats wrong

Whats wrong with silly sally? I think she is funny and doing no harm. The kimchipig or len peters is creepy but silly sally is funny.


Just found the blog, and i love this post. great summary and excellent posts. I subscribe to a lot of Diamond's ideas in Guns, but think the other book you mentioned may be an essential epilogue.

And one questions, what exactly are "laurels"; i've really only come across them in Castlevania when Simon has the option of buying laurels for his soup which protect you from fire or enemies. Different laurels, I presume?

Len Peters


In fact, I have not posted any comments here. A young man who variously posts as "seaofjapan" among many others has stolen my name and posts under it.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Leonard Peters,

Vancouver, BC

sugar shin

To Len Peters

Oops, I´m sorry for accusing you, but it´s pretty confusing. The mentionend cranky guy uses other ID´s like "kimcheepig", "len peters" (as far as I know)with the japanguy-yahoo-email-adress. Didn´t know yet, that he also goes as "seaofjapan". But one thing is clear, he´s insane...

Len Peters

And you are one and the same, poiboy. You are not fooling anyone.

sugar shin

To Len Peters

Hä? Who the hell is "poiboy"? Are you talking to me, dude???

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