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Tuesday, February 10, 2004



Good post. I remember wandering into a few riots when I first came to Korea... there was this one where the police and the protesters were lined up, toe-to-toe, ready to go at it. I walked right between them with my camera. And as I got ready to click the picture, everyone turned and posed and smiled and made the "V" symbol with their fingers. Pictures over, they returned to their life-and-death showdown.

On one hand, I get annoyed as everyone else at the mindless rioting and futile violence of the protesters... but then I think, in a society like Korea, the people in charge aren't going to respect you for mature, non-violent protests -- they're going to think you're a pussy and walk all over you twice as hard next time.

Not sure what the solution is. Maybe the unions should bring in some foreign union reps the same way businesses brought in foreign MBA holders a few years ago... get some successful, out-of-the-box strategies that have worked elsewhere.

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