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Monday, February 09, 2004



A+ on the captions my friend.


Great post on the riot. I've been here a year now and haven't seen one yet. But yeah, I always feel a little sympathetic to the riot cops just doing there service. Most of them around Gwanghwamun always look like they should still be in high school or something.

Paul Eckert

I passed on your compliments to our photographers at Reuters Seoul. They are both soft-spoken and mild-mannered yet courageous pros who always find themselves in the thick of things and have great crowd sense. Kim Kyung-hoon came in bandaged today after taking a pelting by stones on his forearm. Our TV crew had the windows of its car smashed out in the melee. Thanks for mentioning them by name.

Freedom Fighter

RIOT! You want a revolution? DO IT! I wish i saw some of this great riot stuff on the news! Keep it up!

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