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Saturday, January 31, 2004



No, the point about "pliant Korean women" is not well-founded... I have not found them any more or less easy to chat up, etc. than white, black, or hispanic women, for example. Although they are murderous to deal with if you're trying to sell them a car...

My Korean wife is not really any different than other women in America (except perhaps for hair, eye, and skin color).

Anyone who bases their judgements of people strictly by outward appearances is probably hiding some internal problems, anxieties, insecurities, etc...


I don't understand all this fuss. If you are "so" upset about Asian girls/White guys, then do something about it! Go out and date a white girl! Don't be afraid! I grew up here in so cal, and dated quite a few white girls. I went away to school in Arizona, guess what? same thing. Just ask. Stop complaining. Besides, chances are, you will find an Asian girl to marry if you so desire. Not all Asian girls want to date white guys, get a life!


Well, we all have preferences... I'm an Asian and I like Asian people particularly Chinese and Korean (ha!ha! obvious that I'm bias?...)
About Korean people, I've been working in a company that's run by a Korean and I teach Koreans. Over all they're friendly... though there are still that not so good character. All's the same whatever nationality & country there are good and bad.

ok then NO




LOL, koreans love americans? thats is half of americans problems! they think everyone loves them and they are the best. Truth comes down to it, Koreans love UK more than america. so there :D we win end of conversation ;)


im a Spanish girl.(spain born in the US) i speek english and lil spanish. now i love all guys! azin!american and my race! dont get me wrong u all are hot and yes azin guys too! dont even worry about that. i dated a vitam guy....-_- well he was. he had a good heart, he loved me being spanish, but he aften wonted to change me ( to be azine)that really hurt. i would ask him "why? im not azine im spainsh why do you wont to change me?" he would say
" im not i think better then that is and i love u..." (if talking about clothing)
-_- sure. my cuz marryed a Japanese guy (hiroo 6'4 and very handsome)he's mother hates her! they been marryed for 6 yr well shes starting to wram up to her but its still a lil of a prob. lol anyways the point is azine guys dont lab us spanish to be the ones to get fat after 40 and try to change us to be azine! look at are culter! im sorry you just like azine girl and think oh ill just go for this spainsh girl and change her. (to the azine guys who hate the spanish girl lol) love us for what we are! we are exotic and have a rich culture see us for that not cuse the lab of us beign in the getto and gansters lol come on were pritty in are own way! am i right guys?


i japanese born in japan! and when first came to USA i wint NM that were i found my butiful wife. i marry spanish girl for 5yr i love her very much. i no know why all azin guys think whight girls sooo pritty? 0.o ther ok but there more! just like Mystic say! love them what they are they butiful exotic i like very much! am i right my jap boys and brothers lmao see they will love u for long time hell forever! my mother to hates her for not being japanese i have son 6 mo old, she say mean stuff to her but she alway treats mother with respect! her p's where not that foned of me well they love me but was afrid my p's no like my wife that only reson no like at first. but she loves me and i love her very much. they soo good in heart and no judge. so yeah no hate spanish girls they so pritty and nice!

Oliver Garai

I'm half Korean, half Hungarian, maybe it's my diversified background or I just normally notice like everbody else that we all have 5 fingers on each hand, we have emotions, we are all humans, any color or ethicity. We have different personalities, looks, and tastes, but what counts is the personality and character, and not just the looks. I'm raised the old fashioned way by my Korean father, and taught to respect all people, which is true. There is no reason to hate and generalize. I can't understand why people, from all walks of life, have to be angry at each other for the most senseless reasons. Personality and culture, ok, we all have our tates. Common sense.

Dating relationship wise, the best woman I ever had was Thai woman(until I later found her cherry picking 20's out of my wallet some time later). It was a culture thing, even if it was an act. The worst experience I ever was with a Spanish woman. One wanted to make me into a gangster, the other wanted to make me a professional salsa dancer, the other was a fliriting butterfly, and the rest of the Latinas in my past were self concious about being liked for their looks and became paranoid of my purposes, but my heart was open, what the heck? I'm not judging these women on their ethnicity, but these Latina women just happened to have these personalities and preferences opposite to me. I respected the fact we all different tastes, and to respectfully walk away with a smile. I am just a simple hard working Korean American man who wants respect like anybody else without the nonsense. Now, I don't blame their ethnicity, it's their personality and maybe their culture that wasn't compatible with me. The difference of preferences, that's beauty of it all in the end, for better or worse. Peace and respect, that's what the human race is about.



once more oliver lol i see what mean but u see go read what u say! u go target spanish woman agine! thats your girls! you pick...most have butiful hearts but u got bad ones. i see what talk about but man look what u wrote! i work hard to! i got good good spanish girl.
u read mystics what write! yes i see, respect all but not culture but what inside and well u got idea! and well see u say u not target girl wow u write alot about spanish girl lol and u say not judge.their differnt mexian and spanish lol well sorry if seem mad, it just wife spanish and get bad looks for be with me by azines and the girl not to happy... so i stand up for them i see all worng no judge! man!

Oliver Garai

Utada man, I judge on personality, not on ethnicity. I just happened to have the wrong type of women, who happened to be Spanish because I live in a Spanish area. I didn't choose them just because of their looks, it was all about character. It doesn't matter what ethnicity they are, it's their chracater that counts for me, and that's how I met them, not because the were Spanish. That's what I was trying to say. I'm not mad at them. That's how their characters were. It's funny when I look back at it, but during the time with these women, it was a waste of time. Oh, well, hope this clears up my last message.

peace and respect,



she(lady yangban) seems gold digger to me .
(you know what? most korean girls dont date with old man even dont marry with.....
only when they need luis bag or something like if they desire to go to unite state and get green card thing or more .when chance comes
they trying to play and deal with it.
whatever your life goes on good luck.
and be careful


In this country, you gotta make-a the money first. Then, when you make-a the money, then you get the power. When you getta the power, THEN you getta the woman!


Well I'm a "chubby" white guy who dates a Korean girl so I guess that guy'd really hate me. I really don't know why he's saying us white guys beat our wives and commit crimes all the time... Blacks and Hispanics do it at a far higher rate than we do... Oh well


Jeez guys. Im from Vancouver , Canada. West coast represent! Im a cracka for sho! Vancouver is starting to turn into Hongcouver. But I really dont care. I actually like it. Its kinda cool to feel like im the only white guy walking around downtown. My very best friend is korean. James. Hes such a good friend. Does anything for me. Hes got my back. I call him "heyoung" because hes my older bro. We go to korea town downtown vancouver to his friends bar all the time. Drink... or soju mashja. I like being the only white guy in the bar. James likes it too because it gives him huge attention from all the korean honnies. Same with me. He tought me to speak a little bit of korean. I can read and write korean. I met some korean girls, very nice. haha some of them sneaky and like to play guys. I like to play the game too. haha. All his friends are really nice to me and are my friends too. My parents actually treat james as part of our family. Hes welcome to have thankgiving and christmas dinner at my house because hes alone on the holidays. and can show up at my house uninvited anytime. My mom calls him our abdopted son. He calls my mom his canadian mother. haha But the sad thing is hes got to leave in oct. back to korea... for about 4 years... His parents want him to come home. Im going to miss that muthafucker. he was the most best friend that ive ever had. Moi ya sheeba... ki se kee. Im just really choked. I would like to fly to korea someday and see him but im fucking so scared of flying. Ill have to get pretty drunk before geting on a plain... shit..



Wow, altough the post may sound racist, I must TOTALLY AGREE.

Believe me, the person who wrote this is NOT a racist, but you'll realize how bad the things are going between Korean boys/girls.

Really, that's something I really don't get. Most Caucasian boys are not even 1/10th cleaner (as in hygiene, mind, etc) than Korean boys. Korean girls should realize the value that we withhold, not look at it in a way they look at drunken Asian adult in street with a bottle of Soju in his hand.

It just...gets me MAD whenever I think about those immature, thoughtless asian girls that are always keeping their eye open for a pretty white boy. They say "Why do we go for white man? because they're more gentle, rich, and have bigger dick" Really, the "Bigger Dick Theory" is a total B.S. Marriage does not Equal sex. It may be a part of it, but what matters the most is the what we hold inside and the moral value. (I could go on and on, but I'll stop here as it's getting kinda lengthy)


As a Korean-American who is engaged to a white guy, I'll tell you the difference. He treats me as a equal and not as a afterthought. I've dated both Asian and white and there is definitely a pattern if difference that is clearly noticeable. I experienced much more demeaning behavior and attitude from my Asian boyfriends than from my white boyfriends. I don't have to try and impress my white boyfriend's parents because they accept me for who I am and not what I am. My boyfriend is smart (going for his chemical engineering degree), is athletic (not overweight and plays soccer), is clean in both spirit and body, doesn't SMOKE or get drunk, doesn't try to act ghetto, doesn't try to impress me with what he has (you know..the usual car, bling bling stuff). He treats my family with respect and even though my own brother isn't happy about him and shows it, Jeff (my fiance) treats him with the same respect he shows my parents. In regards to my parents, they have gone from disappointment to indifference to bragging about my beautiful and wonderful man. And yes, finally, our romance with each other is deep, beautiful, and fireworks at its finest.

The Hungry Writer

I know this is a pretty late post, but could it be that Anglo's have a goofy sense of humor that seems to transcend most cultures. A woman is a woman, and women (not all, but a lot) like personality! My two cents.


First thing i gotta say to most of the comment is a big HA HA HA, just run into this page. Can't believe what kind of shit people write about, Koreans, Korean girls, and so on. I've been to Korea a month, have a Korean girlfriend for 4 years. Never felt any problem with any Korean, I'm caucasian, but I know and respect the culture a lot. But, whoever says, it's just because you're white, someone will like you it's not. In every country, people like different people. Whatsoever, not everyone likes and prefers same thing, some people prefer Asian girls, some people Black girls, and other way around. I don't think Korean girls like more foreigners than their own boys. It's just americanized vision of the world, like everything else, they're wrong in that one too. It's better to take some books and study, and meet some people, before writing stupid stuff about a nation that's 50 times better than their own.


Hey guys....
nice seeing a great posting forum with such many opinions on the same topics.... this is like a debate that never ends. if you sees it started from january 2004 and it haven't end yet... wow... i think this post should be given an award...hahaha webmaster please notice...!!!

i'm an chinese which live in Malaysia. heard of it before??? it is a nice country just like any other countries you've visit. but the things is in Malaysia it is a multi racial country. There are Malay, Chinese, Indian, and many minor races like indonesian, thais, korean, japanese,and a lots more PR. Things are asians like mixing things. they don't mind mixing with other religions and races. so you can find lots of mixed here. Because Asians are mostly traditionally taught, they have a traditional way of thinking. Whatever you do at your first impression is very very very important especially when you are meeting the parents. they always have this attitude of "i don't like you at all things..."

But what you do next will eventually change their opinion so a little advise for you guys no matter guys or girls... treat them nicely and they will know and they will eventually accept you.

hey... its a human life no matter who you are what you are.

Human will always be Human. just be yourself and show your good side and you will get what you want either a GF, BF, Husband or a Wife.

Be good....hahahaha


Most of the time asian guys have a good nature, humility, patience god knows what else. BUT i mean BUT! u dont judge by generalisation u judge individually, if this was the case alot of girls already dating asian guys.

its either ur lucky or not.if u have chemistry everything will work out.

Andy (The Yangban)

Yes, this post still has legs for some reason.

BTW, in the three years since this post went up, my girlfriend and I have married and made a cute little baby girl.

Elli Whix

Pros and Cons, but I agree with some asian women who are with white men. The asian parents turn me off too. "Let's match bank accounts and salaries to see if they are a good fit" is usually what I've seen around my Korean circle of relatives and friends. Aweful. If you make alot, great... but if you don't? If you're a doctor/pharmacist/dentist, wonderful chances, but if you're a free spirited philosopher...? Pwhaaa
I am a korean woman who has reconsidered any plans on marrying korean because of those high demands. Plus I grew up without a father (he died of osteocarcinoma). I am talented and smart, but oh no.. Koreans do not like fatherless homes. Korean people can also be racist and rude. Sorry to say, but sometimes, I do not like my own people.

All my cousins married well (koreans) only because they are all doctors. Unfortunately, love is really hard earned in the korean circle. There are really nice koreans, I am sure, but at what price!

I have yet to develop a kinder attitude toward my own people. So, sour grapes fable applies to me and korean men. I am pretty but don't have status enough to meet their standards (oh, and their parents). I think I'd much rather live a single life that is dedicated to work in medicine. I have more heart for love of work and my patients than love for man. Anyway, there are more beautiful things to life than romance/marriage/kids. Life is free without that package.


Hi all. I was doing research on abusive relationships, and stumble across this page. First off, I am Chinese myself, and I never felt too deeply about Chinese girl dating caucasion or any other culture. However, my view changed a bit. I am all for it if true love is involved, which, in your case Andy, I am sure its true love. So what makes me want to reply to this post. Here is what happened. I have a friend, someone that I've known for a few years. Very self centered person. He is caucasian. Now I am not sure if he is racist or what, I mean, he call me his "friend". He sometimes call me out. I never say no, but sometime I will ask him "Well I am hanging out with my friends if you want to come".. his reaction will always be "I am not hanging out with a group of f'ing chi*ks", he also make up all kind of stories to put down the overall Asian and Oriental culture.. he recently asked me to introduce him to an oriental girls because they are hot, while he told me that he is only interested in marrying a caucasian girl, he openly admits that "Its only for fun, I want to ba*g an asian girl"

Much said, while there are true love between asian and caucasion, I am convinced that there are "White Guys" out there who just want a taste of "Asian Flesh" while the girl gave them their heart.....

I guess this applies to all culture...


The 'asian fever' people ruin it for the
sincere, but they are just curious,
basically, so don't be too harsh.

I married a chinese woman but it didn't
work out. I was too accepting of the
culture, I tried too hard. I was willing
to overlook the regular red flags. So
don't overlook the person, thinking you
are being accepting, etc. That's almost
reverse racism.


Man, this post is just getting more and more interesting. I just came across this site when I did a search on Google for "Korean Girlfriend" and this came up. So anyway, I am a Chinese male living in DC. Well the cross culture relationship is getting more and more common nowadays simply because the world economy is starting to grow more and more together as a whole. Different cultures are being accepted through out the world. People start to realize that there is another world outside their own territories (countries) thus realizes the different cultures. I lived in the states for ten years now; in between I did live in Japan for some time. I dated American girls (white), Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish (Spain), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Sweden, French... In my opinion they are all the same, it is all about the chemistry. Of course guys are more attracted to the hot girls in appearance, but it is the personalities that make the relationship last. You can date a hot girl and stay interested at the beginning, but you will get bored at some point of time(probably very soon) when you start to realize that you two have nothing in common, or she is too dumb to carry a conversation. I am dating this Korean girl that I met at my buddy's wedding, and she is such a character. That is another reason why that I did that search on Google, because I try to find some articles about Korean girlfriends to try to understand her better. Anyway, end of discussion, it doesn't really matter that you are White or Asian or Black of Hispanic, as long as you have the character and personality inside, you will find a good partner, your other half. The bottom line is, no matter who you are there is always someone in this world that will love you just the way you are. Just keep an open mind and an open heart to the possibilities.

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