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Saturday, January 31, 2004


Kevin Kim

Asian whiner makes not a single mention of the Bigger Dick Theory. Unbelievable.




I can't help it if Hispanics are the only ones who seem to be attracted to me.

I know Hispanics aren't Asian but as a white guy I can't help it either way. Heck in a lot of cases I'd take my chances with the Asians than the Hispanics (which would be an interesting topic "Dating Other Cultures and the Pratfalls that Come With Each."


What can you say? Us fat white guys are cuddly.


Gee, I don't know... what could possibly be wrong with a whiner like that?

The Chinese couple I see in the grocery stores we frequent don't seem happy, friendly, or upbeat... maybe too much tradition?

On the hispanic thing, in my younger days we noted that they tent to "plump out" somewhere around 40 unless they are _really_ well-disciplined...

Of course it's a double standard!!! I "plumped out" at 22... been trying for 20+ years to find the antidote...

Hint: diet soda is not enough...


The young man must feel any woman that doesn't want him must be a resbian...

This quote is the key:
"When an Asian guy sees a white guy with an Asian girl, the typical reaction is punk ass fetish motherfucker and sell out bitch. The Asian guy wonders what the white guy brings to the table that he doesn't have, and wonders why the Asian girl can't find what she wants in an Asian male. It makes us feel inferior. It makes us feel that she would rather disregard her culture than be with us. It makes us feel at a loss. It makes us mad."

So, instead of trying to (a) find out why, and/or (b) change to make himself less unattractive, he just gets angry...

THAT is what's wrong with him and his "ilk". And we noticed that he didn't leave room for comments... obviously too smart for those of us who make him mad to help him...


Well, in all reality, mixed race couples are still not a totally tolerated deal. Heck even in California it's like that. My ex (who was Spanish) and I always got looks because here I am, Mr White Guy, with a Latin chick (and a very fine one at that).

I'm sure it's still taboo in Asia as well to mix races...


lol. that guy is just a bitter bitter fool. If he got a white girlfriend then you wouldn't hear a peep outta him. It's not hard, i'm korean and i have a beautiful white girlfriend, and her parents are actually genuinely nice to me.


Christopher - I'm not sure where you are in California, but it seemed pretty tolerant to me during my last visit (and I'm from super-tolerant Portland, Oregon).

I have a feeling that your lady-friend is really, REALLY hot - and people are jealous/confused that a guy like you could have a girl like that.

In Japan I have a similar problem - but it's not an issue of 'tolerance', per se. A lot of folks are just surprised when they see some goofy-looking guy (me) with a woman who is 'one of them'.

I think the locals are more surprised than anything else.

Oh yeah, congrats on the hot Spanish girl! (^_^)


im looking for a girlfriend.22 years old stay in

The Yangban

Uh, James....

Why are you looking here?


haha, james. your looking for one of those
ore-enal chicks right? funny if its a joke. but if your serious...good luck.



It's so weird that people are so aware of racial differences to such a level that they see a couple of two different races and they have to analyze every aspect of it.
Why can't you be with someone because you just friggin' like them?


Yes Im a white guy and during my 2 years living in Seoul i had girlfriends and even became, and still am called Oppa by my collection of friends (korean girls) who stay in touch with me. Even us white guys have faults, but i always treated my yoja chingus and friends with respect, learned the culture and language, and even learned to cook korean food for them. I was getting so much attention and phone calls it was, and remains wonderful. Korean girls are the most beautiful in the world, they can take charge of a situation in a moment, very strong willed, but when treated well, will do anything for you. Even when ajumas would stare at us holding hands on the subway, i just put it down to a different generation who never had a foreigner in their family. As long as two people love and care for each other, different cultures together can be the most perfect thing for both of them.


I am going to live in Korea for awhile and I heard that the least of my worries will be finding a girlfriend because the korean girls love American guys.
I think American guys are just well balanced with not too much indoctrination toward money, work, family traditions etc. They have more of a free spirit and are not afraid to be a little goofy.


insight from korean woman NOT married to a korean man... 1)korean mother-in-laws (no way is another woman telling me how to "take care" of her grown-up son, uh uh) 2)my white husband didn't care how much money my parents have or don't have (no korean parents sitting around matching income to income to see if their kids are 'compatible') 3)didn't pick him because he's white but because he's my soul mate and a lovely person (unlike those korean men who would never consider getting to know me because i'm not korean enough - exact quote, actually) hmmm, sorry the list is too long. excuse me for wanting more freedom out of life. besides, people only care about who's getting on with whom if they're not getting any. a korean male friend once told me that, since i am so 'americanized' and a tomboy, i'll only be wanted by korean men as a mistress but not as a wife or even considered as. well, tbbbbbbbbt (that's a raspberry, btw), thanks for that fine unsolicited opinion, it was never a question in my mind due to afore mentioned cons of marrying a korean man. did i also mention utter chauvnism? i guess i must be americanized since i went right up to the counter and said, "SUPERSIZE ME". ha.


Im sorry mango bread man but you heard wrong!!
There gonna spit on you. I find that koreans (young ones) really hate americans. Now im not american but i am english. I have been in situtations were i have been shouted at on the street for no reason at all because they thought i was american.
Speak with an english accsent and say you went to cambridge uni and they will love you!
I have a korean girlfriend and we have been together for 2 years. Her parents were not happy at the start but now they love me.


Jonnyboy, if you think Koreans hate Americans and love Englishmen, it\\\'s because you have not yet penetrated enough of the culture to understand Koreans. While a small minority are are completely brainwashed politically, this is not pervasive.

Once you speak the language as fluently as a Korean and get past being a Westerner yourself, you encounter widespread acceptance. Give it 10 to 15 years and you\\\'ll see the surface nonsense for what it is.

Koreans compartmentalize. They don\\\'t need to coordinate the different parts of their mind into a cohesive whole. They are capable of carrying around the most heinous prejudices alongside a humane acceptance of you. When all is said and done they envy the West, and are trying desparately to appear Western themselves. Bottom line they love America so much that they resent not being Americans themselves.


dang it Mizar5, I'm forced to agree with you...


I came to Cali when I was 12.
Well, my gf is half Korean and half Spanish, and so I really don't find any problem with Korean girls going out with white guys. (seriously)
I really think that if two people love each other, culture doesnt matter...much.. ^^
Yep.. my gf always mocks me that im so Korean.. and I make fun of her like 'r u korean or white?" and stuff (its kinda mean i think).. but i think we are pretty much good..


Hiya :)
Nice posts :)

Big E

(NOTE: Yangban edit for language)
got one thing to say to the writer of the article -



After all, the reason we are all here is because inside every Korean there is an American trying to get out!


God you guys are so lame!I have to admit the guy who wrote that was pretty bitter. But it is more comfortable to date someone of your own ethnicity. Asian guys are well rounded individuals, and the myth about the small dicks are not true. I can prove it!


I am an American girl and I have a korean boyfriend. My boyfriend is so amazing, such a beautiful heart, i really love him. I think there is so much good in all people. Why does a persons nationality matter, isn't it 2004??? Come on, enough with the seperation of people based on ethnicity.

C.Kim it just me or are we missing the point that white guys are getting it on with asiatic women because 1)next to black guys, white guys don't compare at all and 2)if they didn't have pliant korean women etc... it is possible that they would never get laid with a white woman?that's why all these white guys are on sex tours all the time. i live in new york city. it's pretty plain to see they can't compete. for asiatic males, we are the new jax on the block. it's only a matter of time.

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