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Monday, January 12, 2004



To be complete, you should also include in the Tibet territory on your map a large slice of the Qinghai province, and also about a third of Sichuan.


China bashing again! The Tibetans and Uighurs I've met so far in China disliked some aspects of Beijing-directed central bureaucracy, but where basically happy being "guomin" of the PRC. And why shouldn't they? Life is improving daily and while there are still huge problems, China will be once more the hub of civilization by the end of the century.
It's a pity that some Westerners cherish some kind of naive Romanticism when it comes to under-developed populations in some remote part of Central Asia.

Steve Sullivan

Dear Hinrich

Life is improving? Tell that to the Uygurs in jail or dead for wishing a degree of autonomy in their own homeland. Majority are happy? When their ancestral homes and areas are torn down to be replaced by pre-fab tenements for the Han Chinese, when you are scared to talk freely
and are checked out by the owner of the Internet cafe every time you appear to be sending something important. When they have no effective say over your governance, when you are not allowed to congregate even at a railway station to meet family. When you are knocked back from staying in Han run hotels throughout China because you are Uygur. Yes I'd be happy too and no we won't bash the poor Chinese they have a lot of things on their plate (like retaking Taiwan)


China is deserved to be bashed if Japan (a 70 year old DEAD empire) is allowed to be criticized at......right?

Oh and on your map, you forgot to take out Manchuria, which was originally belonging tot he Manchu's.

Even Chiang Kai Shek the nationalist didn't care about Manchuria until some guy (who so happened to be a Manchurian) said he has to stop fighting the communists and cooperate to fight the Japanese...... clearly Manchuria was seen as seperate or at least not as regionally influencial as a chinese domain as say, the are of Bejing and other parts of "China proper".

note:Im not making value judgements about the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Im merely pointing out that the CCP gleefully accepted Machuria as their territory when in fact there originally didnt belong there.


Chinese are killing lots of eastern turk people


HI, thanks for ur activism. But, as many dont know the whole Tibetan Plateau or the high land is Tibetan land taken away from Tibetans by the Chinese. I would appreciate it if you showed the real map and size of Tibet. Thanks a lot, take care!!


dun like those East Turkistan ppl, they are all gangsters, committing crimes everywhere

golden boy

(NOTE: Yangban edit for language)

let the japanese have korea. (forget) the chinees and korean (dirtbags) who are bushhaters..

Alexanderovna Rostov-Kerensky

Any notions towards the idea of 'Chinese Imperialism' are both unfounded and hypocritical. Was not China herself enroached by the Western and Japanese powers in an extended period of humiliation from the 19th century onwards, when her possessions of Korea, Mongolia, Siberia, 'Indo-China', Burma, regions of Central Asia and Outer-Manchuria were snatched? The Chinese Empire of the pre-19th century can only be restored, the great People's government is only re-asserting China's penchant of influence in her former regions. The territories of Tibet and Turkestan which you claim as being a manifestation of 'Chinese Imperialism' were in fact long in a relationship of suzainity and dependency with Beijing. It is only a shame that Chinese territory such as the Korean peninsula, Mongolia, and the Southern provinces of Vietnam and Cambodia have fallen astray from Chinese administration. China has a natural role of domination in East and Central Asia, the cultural legacy in her former dominions stand testament to that. The 'cultures' of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Vietnam in particular, are essentially variations of Chinese culture. In Korea, the uncultured korean barbarians were using 'hanja'(in chinese, Han-zi, meaning CHINESE Script) until only a century or so ago, with the advent of 'hangul' script, due to their perceived complexities of Chinese script. Everything about Korean culture, their architecture, language, traditional dress, their 'national heritage'(<--what a joke!), is derived from superior CHinese culture, the same goes for the Vietnamese,(who would still be using Chinese script, were it not for the French invasion) and Japanese(where CHinese script still forms an essential part of their 'national idenity'. So more so than not, China has a cultural mission in East asia, and must cement her will on her dependent neighbours in cultural dominance, after all, no-one questions the waning resistance of the Hispanics and Native Americans in former Mexcian and Native Indian territories on the West Coast and Central region of the USA, why then is there such an uproar over China's noble administration over the Tibetan and Tukestan dependencies? The People's Republic is on the rise, and seeks a glorious irredentist Re-unification with her lost provinces and former possessions, and she is greeted with fear and suspicion by those that owe her so much in terms of culture.

Andy (The Yangban)


Funny. Keep it coming.


"Even Chiang Kai Shek the nationalist didn't care about Manchuria until some guy (who so happened to be a Manchurian) said he has to stop fighting the communists and cooperate to fight the Japanese...... clearly Manchuria was seen as seperate or at least not as regionally influencial as a chinese domain as say, the are of Bejing and other parts of "China proper"."

WRONG- zhang was NOT MANCHURIAN, he was a han chinese who moved to korea, your OWNED SID

Luca V.

I respect your opinion. However, I do not believe that East Turkistan is not famous in the West because it is inhabited by Muslims. In fact, the enormous popularity of the Palestinian cause in the West shows that Muslim independentism CAN be a major issue. Rather, I think that only when important political and economical powers support a cause does that cause become popular and famous. Palestine is supported by all Muslim powers in the Middle East, and by all anti-Semites in the West. The causes of Armenians, Kurds, Eastern Turkistan are less popular simply because there are less powers supporting it or more powers interested in their remaining unknown. E.g. Turkey for Armenians and Kurds. Best wishes, Luca


C'mon Uygurs!!! Youre physically stronger and bigger that Han chinese!!! Just Kick their a**!! You guys are not chinese and have nothing to do with china! Free yourselves and fight back no matter what the cost!

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