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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Silly Sally

Mr. Yangban,

I am a little worried about your soul-mate not making it to church with you. What you thought was a little indigestion from that burrito, may be the unconscious forewarnings of future domination by the Korean Medusa: the famous dragon-woman archetype that rules the hearts of Korean men -- and eats American males males for breakfast.

The Korean-character structure has an inbuilt ambivalence toward Sky-God deities; especially, a father-figure God representing an objective will that transcends the will of a Korean mother -- and by extension the Korean tribe. Korean women, especially, are reluctant to emotionally submit to masculinity since they are the core rulers of Korea. It's hard to let go of power.

Behind the false-patriarchy of male-rule in the Korean public sphere -- reigns supreme the Korean matriarchy. Korean women emotionally rule Korean men through the power of the maternal imago. They expect nothing less of emasculinated American men.

I know, I am a woman who posseses this power and know woman's agenda.

Unless you can get your woman to submit to the male principle of transcendence -- you can kiss your hope for a functional marriage good-bye.

She will incrementally infantilize you till you are her prized son, whom she will secretly despise for not controlling and satisfying her chaotic soul.

Get that girl to church before she can eat you alive like a ersatz Korean burrito.

Silly Sally


...uh, don't really know how to follow that one.

So, on an entirely different thread, next time you come up thisaways give me a ring.

And I'd bet that it was indigestion.



Uh, maybe I just got blessed; but as soon as my wife moved to the US she asked me what church we were going to attend... before she asked me if I wanted to...

It was good to start back to church and I really do feel like a new man...

And thanks for the hint about Chili Chili... I may need something to counter the lack of jalepeños I experienced in the mid to late '90s...

BTW, anyone hear from Brendon lately?


Ah yes...I wouldn't mind having a lady who had a priority of church. I could sure use that at the moment considering my lack of going. Still not too happy about that.


Burritos and computer games - can it get any better than that? All that's missing is the Corona

RTS games aren't my style though - I'm currently playing Gladius, a gladiator game for the Xbox (to tide me over until Full Spectrum Warrior comes out). It's all I can do to not yell "Maximus! Maximus!" :)


Yeah, having a churchgirl is fine if you're allowed to stay home and stuff your face in front of the screen ;-) Oh extra points for the Corona of course!
Playing Gladius at the mo, an awesome game :-D

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