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Wednesday, November 26, 2003



You get a ring, but it turns your finger green.

ha ha ha...

Anyway, in all this talk, I think these are the
important words:

"There have been no discussions about US troop reductions
in South Korea, nor has the U.S. made any decisions
regarding troop reductions."

This is political talk for "we haven't done the deal yet
but yes, we are planning to do that."

The "made no decisions" remark is a classic, but the
we didn't discuss that" should come with a "yet"

You read it a lot when anybody from the US and SK gov
get together. The point is that they make sure
ahead of time to not get into those discussions
both because they aren't meetings specifically
held for that topic and just as important, they
don't want to have the ability to dismiss the issue
in the press before they get to serious work by saying,
"No no no. We aren't talking about that."

In short, it is a non-denial denial.

In the past, a US spokesman would say, "We will not reduce
troops in Korea."

That is a denial denial.

What the US is saying this past year has been,
"We haven't gotten around to setting up meetings yet
on our desire to reduce troops in Korea, but we
can't talk much about it right now with the press,
because it scares the crap out of the S. Koreans."



"Now that I have forwarded a USFK press release, am I now an official member of the Military-Industrial Complex? Is there a secret handshake? Do I get a ring?"

No, you will report to FT Benning, GA for Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which combines Army Basic Training and Infantry AIT (Advanced Individual Training), all in one 17-week course.

Or you can play the game on-line:

Its a recruiting tool used to attract the younger generation into the Army....

Seriously, you are correct, I do work for USFK as I'm a soldier stationed at Yongsan. (Egads yes, one of THEM!) I've spent over five years here in Korea between Taegu and Seoul, and have enjoyed it, even balanced with the difficult times during the July-Dec 2002 period.

As you have stated, rumors usually do begin with unconfirmed fact, but certian elements of the US media and the majority of the Korean Media love to deal with rumor to advance their agendas.

It's like the Yongsan relocation negotiations. When this issue was reopened at the end of July 2003, USFK presented three diffrent options to GEN Cha and the Korean JCS. What was in the papers the next day? "Military will Keep 20% of Yongsan" This was the 3rd option, and it was the most costly to Korea.

(link to Article)

Now, last night, the evening news (MBC) said USFK will only keep 18 Acres, (The Dragon Hill Lodge as an R&R and in/out processing site) and move lock, stock, and barrel to Pyontek-Osan. And of course, the USFK side has expressed this change unilaterally....

The KimcheeGI


KimcheeGI... CHUCK! Is that you? If you remember a little place near Barstow CA, where you could find wonderful Strawberry Pie and a DSETS that could keep you busy every day... drop me a line at the above email. And no its not Coleman.



I'm still upset about winning a coin on a certain website, going to Korea to collect, and everyone being out of town for the two weeks I was there...

IMHO, when and if the 2ID goes to Iraq, it'll be after KJI hands over the keys of Pyongyang to the UN Command. That's not to say there won't be a brigade or so rotated in or out; but the 2ID is there until the ROK Government tells them to mosey along...

Now, with Venezuela getting training from Castro and suddenly chummy with KJI, are we going to have a Korean Missile Crisis in the Western Hemispere?

If the Nork missile could launch from a DPRK base and hit Alaska, where could it reach from Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, or Cuba?

And since Rober Mugabe of Zimbabwe was trained by KJI's daddy, where could a Nork-built missile reach from Harare?

I don't really want to know; but this world is getting far too small to keep on ignoring the petty dictators any longer...

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