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Friday, October 24, 2003



My sis has a jindo, ot's a friendly, sweet, yet dignified animal!


I think you need to close the Italics tag on the update blurb.

Zully Jimenez


I am just writting to tell you that I love the picture that you took of your dogs, they look similar to my dog that I had, but sadly a car killed him, three years ago.anyway that a nice picture.Good luck!!!


Zully JImenez


why are you fighting your sister?

valarie magallanes

they look so cute nice dogs

Ron Sieck

This is so funny!!! Love it, Hope I don't meet FiFi in a dark alley somewhere. :) Great Picture!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


This is a really cute picture one in a million.


This is a really cute picture one in a million.


That picture of the savage rat dogs is kind of strange, but i like it anyway because it is kind of funny. Thanks for posting your picture on the internet!
-a friendly viewer


that looks like me and my sister. i'm the one about to bite her head off. lol


it was awsome


hey that is a very betefull pic you got there if i was i juge i will give you and the puppy 600 point well good look in it


What a load of tosh, they are dogs belonging to two friends of mine in Taiwan, and they are PLAYING, I know because I have the original photo, which was not 'stolen from my girlfriend' as the first writer claims (idiot) - and the name is not Fifi. But this is the internet and occupied by lots of fools.

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