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Friday, October 17, 2003



Lee Kyu-tae of Chosun Ilbo wrote about P'imatkol/Pimakol in his column last month.
He wrote the characters of P'ima (my preferred Romanization...) as 避馬, so the last would be horse. So the "s"(ㅅ) in 맛 does not belong to the syllable except as a "sai siot", being kind of a possessive marker.
But anyway, Lee Kyu-tae writes that the alley was born as a route between the ordinary Chongno houses and temporary shacks built by the Chongno shopkeepers, and that the use as a route to avoid dignitaries became later.
Whatever, now that I think it would have been more interesting to hang out more around Chongno during my non-research moments in Korea.

BTW, biggest relative concentration of houses under 7 p'yông in Seoul is around Chongno.

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